What is Natural Trans-Resveratrol?

japanese-knotweedResveratrol is a specialized plant compound. Most people associated this compound with red grapes where it’s found within the skin and forms the basis for the idea that a glass of red wine a day is good for your health. However, resveratrol is most highly concentrated within the roots of the Japanese Knotweed and it’s from this plant that this compound is extracted commercially for inclusion in food supplements.
In plants, the purpose of resveratrol is to help fight fungal infections. Research has shown that this compound is an anti-inflammatory and acts as an antioxidant. There has been a lot of animal-based and laboratory research into resveratrol and its possible health benefits for humans. There is evidence to suggest that resveratrol may play an important role in the treatment of heart disease, inflammation, high cholesterol, cancer and atherosclerosis. The compound may also help to promote weight loss and slow down the aging process.

Resveratrol is available in two forms, trans and cis. The term trans-resveratrol refers to a form of resveratrol that is used in supplements. Studies have shown that even after exposure to cold, heat and ultraviolet light, trans-resveratrol won’t alter and it’s therefore considered the most stable form and most suitable for supplements.

The Health Benefits of Trans-Resveratrol

Cancer: There have been a number of studies that suggest resveratrol may assist in the prevention of cancer growth, making it potentially important in both preventative and therapeutic care. Results from a laboratory study on cell cultures found that resveratrol suppressed the development of breast cancer cells. Resveratrol minimized the reaction between estrogen and DNA molecules that lead to the development of compounds that promote cancer cell formation. Although this research is still in its infancy, the preliminary results are very encouraging.

Weight Loss & Diabetes: There’s evidence to suggest that resveratrol may have an important effect on weight loss. Scientists have found that this compound stimulates adiponectin. This is a special hormone found in the body that assists with the breakdown of fatty tissue. Adiponectin also helps to better regulate blood glucose and may assist in preventing the development of type 2 diabetes.

Heart Disease: Animal-based studies have shown that resveratrol can decrease the concentration of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, helping to keep blood pressure in check and preventing the hardening of arteries. This is very important for preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Anti-aging: Research has revealed that resveratrol supplements can suppress inflammation and reduce oxidative stress. This safeguards the body against disease and helps to keep the body in optimal health.

romantic-coupleEnhanced Fertility: Studies into the effects of resveratrol have shown that this compound can stimulate a higher sperm count. Although this is only preliminary research, it’s possible that resveratrol may help to improve fertility in sub-fertile men.


Although a lot of the research into resveratrol is still in its infancy, the initial results suggest that this is a very important natural compound that may offer a lot of health benefits. It’s important to note that not all supplements use natural resveratrol, instead they include synthetically produced compounds. These supplements are not recommended as they may present unwanted side effects. EverSun Health’s Men’s Everyday Energy Multi-Vitamin contains 10mg of natural trans-resveratrol sourced from Japanese Knotweed. This ensures that only positive health benefits are gained from taking this supplement.