PABA – Enhancing Health & Wellbeing

beachPABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) is a natural compound often added to sunscreen products and other skincare applications. It’s occasionally referred to as ‘vitamin Bx’, although technically it isn’t a vitamin. However, it’s a component of folic acid (vitamin B9) and is thus often grouped with the vitamin B complex. PABA occurs naturally in brewer’s yeast, liver, kidney, molasses, mushrooms, spinach, whole grains, and can also be produced by intestinal bacteria. PABA has a variety of roles in supporting our health, with both internal and external benefits.

Prevents UV Damage

As a topical application, PABA stops the penetration of ultraviolet light. It will safeguard against sunburn and shield the skin from other harmful effects of sun exposure, such as skin discoloration, textural changes, and the development of skin cancer.

Promotes Healthy Hair

PABA has been found to be important for supporting healthy hair. It helps to protect the hair follicles and can prevent premature graying. As PABA is involved in protein synthesis and red blood cell production, it can stimulate hair growth by supplying essential minerals, nutrients, trace elements, amino acids and other compounds to the follicles. Its ability to block ultra-violet radiation may also help to protect the hair from sun damage.

Supports Healthy Skin

nice-hair-and-skinPABA has important anti-inflammatory properties. This is very beneficial for individuals suffering from skin conditions as a result of inflammation.

Preliminary research suggests that PABA may help sufferers of dermatitis herpetiformis (also referred to as Duhring disease or DH). This is a rare condition that causes persistent skin blistering. Early studies have shown that PABA can reduce the severity of skin lesions.

Other studies have found that regularly taking supplements containing PABA can help to treat vitiligo. This is a condition that leads to the de-pigmentation of the skin, often in irregular patches across the body. Although PABA isn’t recognized as a cure for vitiligo, some people have reported a decrease in symptoms in association with taking PABA.

Boosts Immune Function

PABA is also important for immune function. It acts as an antioxidant, scavenging free radicals and protecting cell membranes from oxidative stress. This helps to reduce the visible signs of aging and safeguards against illness and disease.

Important for Intestinal Health

PABA is essential for maintaining intestinal flora and helping to breakdown ingested proteins. This helps to support a healthy digestive system and the optimal absorption of nutrients. It also enables the body to make use of amino acids and the production of new proteins.

Enhances Fertility

Previously infertile women have been able to conceive following PABA supplementation. It’s believed that PABA helps to increase the concentration and availability of estrogen, enhancing fertility.

To support overall physical health, EverSun Health’s Adult’s Everyday Energy Multivitamin supplements contain 15mg of PABA.

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