Spirulina – The Original ‘Superfood’

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spirulina-powderA simple microscopic blue-green algae, spirulina is one of the most remarkable organisms on the planet. These filamentous saltwater algae contain in excess of 100 different nutrients and are one of the most compete food sources currently known. Spirulina contains all eight essential amino acids, plus ten non-essential amino acids that are important for supporting a healthy body. It’s packed full of vitamins and minerals, making this a powerful superfood with plenty of benefits for the body.

Protein Rich

Protein accounts for approximately 60 percent of spirulina’s dry weight. Since protein is essential for cell growth and regeneration, spirulina is the ideal replacement for cholesterol-rich, fatty meat and dairy products. You only need 10 grams of spirulina each day to supply approximately 70 percent of the required iron, plus up to four times the minimum dose of vitamin A (beta carotene), K, D and B complex. Although vitamin C isn’t found in spirulina, it helps to maintain this vitamins’ potency within the body.
Due to spirulina’s high protein content it’s a very popular dietary supplement for athletes and other fitness enthusiasts. It can help to build muscle mass, increase stamina and boost immunity levels. Indirectly, it also acts to maintain a healthy body weight by curbing hunger that can arise during intense training routines.

Promotes Healthy Digestion

Numerous studies have shown that spirulina supports healthy digestion and bowel function. The foundation for good health is strongly connected to gut flora and the body’s ability to properly absorb nutrients. Spirulina stimulates good gut flora such as bifidobacteria and lactobacillus within the digestive tract, while simultaneously suppressing harmful bacteria like e-coli and Candida yeast. This helps to support a healthy immune system and the removal of waste products.

Potent Antioxidant

In addition to beta carotene, spirulina contains other important nutrients including manganese, iron, copper, zinc, chromium and selenium. These nutrients are excellent free-radical scavengers and can help to prevent cell damage. The removal of free radicals and other toxins from within the body not only supports a healthy immune system, it also reduces the visible signs of aging.

Protects the Body from Diseases

spirulina-rawSpirulina is rich in gamma lenolenic acid (GLA), a powerful compound that prevents the formation of cholesterol. In addition to safeguarding against hardening of the arteries, strokes and other cardiovascular problems, GLA also reduces the risk of degenerative disease such as diabetes and arthritis.

The Dangers of Non-Organic Spirulina

Supplements containing non-organic spirulina can do more harm than good. Spirulina is very sensitive to the conditions and environment in which it is cultivated. It will easily absorb harmful substances such as pesticides and other toxins. The product may seem normal to the naked eye, yet under the microscope the hidden dangers become very obvious. Non-organic spirulina is essentially toxic and although the impacts on the body are not immediately apparent, over time the health effects are very detrimental.

The spirulina contained in Adults’ Everyday Energy Multivitamin supplement is certified organic. Eversun Health is committed to providing their customers with only the best ingredients and using only organic spirulina is essential.