Organic Chlorella – Benefits of Nature’s Detoxifier

One of the most nutritious organisms known to nature is Chlorella. These microscopic, single-celled algae contain a high concentration of vitamin B12, vitamin A, zinc, copper and iron, plus a whole range of other important minerals and vitamins. Chlorella is the best natural source of chlorophyll, which is vital for assisting in digestion, liver function, blood purification and cleansing the bowels. Also, the indigested cellulose membrane of Chlorella will bind to heavy metals and other toxins within the body and help to eliminate them from the system.

Through aiding liver function and cleansing the bowels, Chlorella benefits our body by maintaining a bloodstream free from waste products and other pollutants. Health benefits of chlorella also include supporting healthy lungs and increasing resistance to flu and colds. Not only will this alga improve the immune system, it’s also known to enhance white blood cell function and accelerate healing processes.

How many toxins do you consume?

Many people experience a range of symptoms that can be related back to poor bowel function. Feeling tired and lethargic, skin problems, loss of appetite, irritability, bad breath, excess body odor, flatulence, constipation and frequent headaches can all be signs of an unhealthy bowel system. While these symptoms are problematic alone, research is showing that many serious health concerns can be traced back to bowel problems.

Adding Chlorella to our diet is very beneficial, especially when considering that most of the food we consume contains a range of chemicals in the form of artificial colors, preservatives, flavorings and pesticide/herbicide residues. These synthetic compounds play havoc with our digestive system and can compromise overall health and well-being.

The breakdown of Chlorella

Chlorella has been so resilient throughout its years of existence because of its tough cellular wall. Only Chlorella with a cracked cell wall will enable consumers to gain the nutritional benefit of concentrated vitamins and minerals. The fibrous outer shell will bind to pesticides and heavy metals in the body, while the cellular contents are a rich source of nourishment.
Regularly consuming broken cell wall Chlorella will support a healthy immune system and act as an internal cleanser. The high concentration of chlorophyll makes Chlorella a powerful antioxidant, helping the body to fight the visible signs, as well as keeping internal systems in good health.

Why use organic Chlorella?

You can supplement your diet with Chlorella in many forms – powder, bulk, and tablets. But it is critically important to be vigilant when checking the source of the ingredients. Just like the ‘superfood’ alga Spirulina, Chlorella is also very sensitive to the environment in which it is cultivated. Those algae not grown under organic conditions will absorb pesticides, herbicides or any other chemicals and unnatural additives within their environment. Consuming non-organic Chlorella defeats the purpose of taking this supplement and can cause more harm than good.

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