How Important Are Vitamins to Health?

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Everyone knows that the body needs nourishment from vitamins to help support day-to-day functions, growth, development, repair and overall well-being. However, since many of these organic substances aren’t naturally produced by the body, they must be sourced from the foods we eat or dietary supplements.

The ABC’s of Vitamins
The body needs thirteen essential vitamins to function correctly. These are vitamins A, C, D, E, K, plus eight variations of vitamin B. Each vitamin performs specific functions within the body, including converting nutrients into energy, supporting cellular function and maintaining the immune system, amongst other vital roles. All thirteen vitamins are essential to support daily maintenance of the body.

What Happens in the Absence of Vitamins?
Since vitamins assist with all the important chemical reactions within our body, a deficiency in any vitamin can prevent or reduce the efficiency of vital metabolic processes. This can lead to all types of problems within the body. For example, a shortage of vitamin D can cause the softening and weakening of bones, commonly known as rickets. Lack of vitamin A can lead to night blindness and a compromised immune system. Neurological problems and anemia are commonly associated with a vitamin B12 deficiency. These are just a few examples of the health issues that can eventuate without sufficient vitamins.

Are You Getting Your Daily Share?
Many people assume that vitamin deficiencies are more commonly associated with poorer countries where access to adequate nutrition is challenging. However, the reality is that many people in the United State face similar problems. We tend to lead fast-paced lifestyles supported by fast foods. This doesn’t provide the body with the vital sustenance it needs.

Even if you don’t eat lots of take-outs or other highly processed foods, it can still be difficult to receive the recommended daily intake of essential vitamins. This is partly because we rely so heavily on supermarkets for our produce, yet by the time food reaches the shelves it has already lost part of its nutritional value. Any time food is processed, stored for any lengthy period or cooked, it negatively impacts nutritional content.

The Problem with Supplements
To ensure that the body is able to access the recommended daily dose of vitamins, many people turn to supplements. The trouble with shopping at convenience stores for multivitamins is that they are frequently packed full of synthetic compounds and/or low-grade ingredients.

Another problem is that often supplements are imported and not subjected to the same vigorous health standards routinely applied in the United States. Also, many multivitamin supplements contain iron, which can cause a toxic iron overload for some people. There is also some evidence to suggest that excess iron may increase the risk of heart disease in men and postmenopausal women.

The EverSun Health Alternative
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